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Sushi Maki Mix

Ingredients for 4 people (everything except cucumber and avocado, contained in the sushi / sushi speed box and can be added as an add-on)

600g runkorn sushi rice
130ml sushi rice vinegar
10 sheets of nori (seaweed sheets)
1x bamboo mat
Cut the contents into thin slices, as well as prepare ginger, wasabi, sesame, tobikko (flying fish roe) and soy sauce

Step 1: boil rice and prepare sushi rice

Normal method: 
!Important! Wash up always rice multiple times in a bowl / sieve. 3-4 times.

First, cook the rice and mix the sushi rice vinegar into the warm rice. 130ml vinegar on 600g rice. Then let it cool down for about 10-15 minutes before preparing the sushi.

Speed method:
Take the CJ Hetban and put it in the microwave. 2 minutes at 600W. Mix the sushi rice vinegar into the warm rice as described above and you're done!

Step 2: make sushi rolls

Take your bamboo mat and place it on the table. Divide the nori sheets in half for the optimal maki size (sushi roll). The rough nori side looks up, towards you.
Spread about 60g sushi rice thinly on the nori. Make sure that there are no large lumps and that the rice is well distributed.

Then put your desired content in the middle. Now slowly start to roll the sushi forwards with the help of the bamboo mat.

Take breaks in between and gently press everything along the roll with your two index fingers into a nice shape.

Extra: Inside-out rolls

For inside-out roles, they do the same thing as for normal Makis, only that before you add the content, you turn the page down:

Now put the content on the Nori page:

As before, roll the maki into a beautiful shape. 

Inside-out rolls have either sesame seeds or tobikko (flying fish roe) on the outside. So roll the finished roll either on a plate of sesame seeds or Tobikko.

Also delicious: with sweet Japanese mayonnaise!

Step 3: cut and serve the sushi

When cutting sushi rolls, make sure that your knife is sharp. Tip: moisten the knife with lukewarm water beforehand so that the rice does not stick while cutting.

And done! Good Appetite!

Bonus: creative in the kitchen

Now that you know how to do inside-out roles, why not give it a try?

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